Qualified trainings in theory and practice are our central concern to enable users and partners the greatest possible success with our products. The broad course range does not only address users, machine operators and service technicians but equally specialists and managers as well as planners and contractors who would like to learn more about the versatile applications of the various NODIG systems.


First and foremost, of course, are the customers and users who can use their trenchless systems even more effectively and thus more profitably through comprehensive qualification. The user trainings for beginners and advanced users enable the participants to safely use and maintain the machine technology according to the current technical standards. Because the regular exchange of experience is essential for the efficient implementation of trenchless technology in practice, we certify the user trainings for your certification process.

The choice of trainings considers all aspects of NODIG technology:
  • Safety instructions
  • Basic training
  • User training
  • Locating technology
  • Rock drilling
  • Follow-up management


In addition, continuous training for TRACTO-TECHNIK‘s sales staff and partners make sure that you are always given the right advice on your purchase, so your investment pays off. The same applies to the trainings on service and maintenance of our NODIG systems, which guarantee comprehensive and rapid repairs by us and our service partners.


Our tailor-made trainings are held at our company locations or individually at your end by certified technical trainers from sales & marketing, machine demonstration and product management. That way we make sure that the contents are conveyed to you in a constructive and targeted manner and you benfit as much as you can.

Details on content, dates and an online registration form are to be found on our homepage.


Beyond the regular training schedule, we can train you according to your individual requirements. Whether you are interested in a specific topic as a user or whether you would like to learn more about the diverse applications of trenchless technology as a client or planner – we are there for you.

If you are interested in a specific training on site, please contact us at training@TRACTO-TECHNIK.com for an individual offer.


Qualified training courses are a key means for TRACTO-TECHNIK to offer you the best possible advice and support. We pursue a comprehensive approach in this process. The customers and users of our machine technology are our top priority. Extensive qualification allows them to use their trenchless systems more effectively and thus more profitably. Additionally, continuous trainings for TRACTO-TECHNIK sales employees and its trade partners ensures that they are always able to advice you best on your purchasing decision so your investment will pay off. The same applies to the service and maintenance training courses for our NODIG systems. These ensure that any repairs made by us or our service partners are always thorough and fast, guaranteeing maximum availability of the machine for the user. And no less importantly, we would like to familiarise planners and clients with the advantages of trenchless technology in diverse applications.

Starting from the initial technician training courses that were first offered more than 20 years ago, a broad range of training and advanced training courses have been developed with around 3,000 participants taking part annually. These courses are continuously developed and updated for you. The trainings are displayed in detail in the following overview. By using the filter and sorting functions, you can quickly and easily find the training course that best suits your needs, view additional information about or register online.

Beyond the scheduled training courses there is the option for individual trainings on location in your country. This is a reasonable and cost-efficient solution if a group of people needs to be trained on a certain subject. Please contact us at training@tracto-technik.de for your individual quotation.
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