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The Story of the Mole

When entering the Trenchless Technology market in 1970, the company founder Dipl-Ing. Paul Schmidt started his search for a symbol with great force of expression which would best represent the GRUNDOMAT soil displacement hammer qualities. The mole quickly sprang to mind - an animal known as clever, reliable and hard-working.
Sepp Arnemann, a popular cartoonist, designed the trademark which has since been authorised as a logo by the German patent office.
The mole started its triumphant parade around the globe and has become very popular. The ‘little digger’ has become synonymous with the Grundomat, has an excellent reputation and 91% of respondents we interviewed in this line of business are familiar with the Mole. Therefore it is hardly surprising that experts like referring to Mole technology.

The benefits of Moling

Moling technology is widely-used in civil engineering its use is ever increasing, because compared to open-trenching, this method for the underground installation and renewal of supply and disposal pipes has major technical and economical advantages.  Excavation and re-instatement work is almost eliminated and with short construction times, these are major advantages especially when g providing property service connections and when crossing busy roads.

With Trenchless Technology - The Environment benefits 

Trenchless installation means: it is much safer, there is no surface damage, no disruption to residents or traffic flow and with minimal excavation work, less construction equipment/plant is required and noise and CO2 emissions are kept to a minimum. 



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