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The latest news can be found here.

R&R McClure adds GRUNDODRILL28Nplus to their fleet

It’s no exaggeration to call Tim McClure, owner of R&R McClure Excavation Ltd Pty in Castlemaine, a dedicated HDD enthusiast and a pioneer in applying this versatile trenchless method in the south-eastern Australian state of Victoria. In order to successfully do so, he relies on the GRUNDODRILL rigs by TRACTO-TECHNIK. Recently R&R
McClure added a GRUNDODRILL28Nplus to the exis-ting fleet, which was officially handed over by TRACTO-TECHNIK Australia’s sales manager Daniel Toms at the R&R McClure headquarters.

HDD Sales Training and Open House Day in Brisbane

In July this year the first HDD sales training took place at our sister company TRACTO-TECHNIK Australia in Brisbane. Product Manager Manuel Pohl and Regional Marketing Manager Stefan Schmitz from TRACTO-TECHNIK Germany imparted broad knowledge of our HDD product range in a mix of theory and practice during three intensive training days.

Training topics included a method overview of TRACTO-TECHNIK’s HDD systems, sales arguments and marketing tools for GRUNDODRILL as well as the features, advantages and benefits of the different models. The group of 10 participants, comprising our sales colleagues from TRACTO-TECHNIK Australia as well as sales partners from Australia, New ...

TRACTO-TECHNIK UK wins PIG Utility Pipeline Technology Award for iCore system

TRACTO-TECHNIK UK are the 2018 winners of the prestigious Utility Pipeline Technology Award from the Pipeline Industries Guild.

New TRACTO-TECHNIK Sales & Service Partner for South Africa

South Africa is the third largest economy on the continent and plays a decisive role as an economic and geographical gateway to sub-Saharan Africa. Over the past two decades, the South African Republic has transformed into an industrialized country that is growing steadily. South Africa's construction industry in particular is growing dynamically due to increasing urbanization and continuing population growth. The necessary maintenance and development of the underground infrastructure for supply and disposal opens up numerous perspectives for the use of trenchless technologies. In order to exploit the existing potentials, TRACTO-TECHNIK UK has engaged a new potent sales and service partn ...

Water service connection replacement with GRUNDOTUGGER

German water provider Beckum GmbH delivers 6 million cubic metres of potable water via a 1,050 km long pipe network and 33,500 property service connections straight to 135,000 residents and plants. The utility provides further 3.5 million cubic metres of water for re-distributors like neighbouring municipalities, water boards etc. In this way, an area exceeding 1,000 square kilometres within the district of Warendorf and also parts of the districts Soest and Gütersloh enjoy an all-round drinking water service.


11.01.2019 - The first traces of settlement in the small Austrian community of Elixhausen near Salzburg in Austria stem way back from the uppermost Stone Age. Findings of stilt houses from the third millennium b. c. are followed by settlement and grave finds from...


10.01.2019 - In Crossgar, a small town about 25 km south of Belfast in Northern Ireland, the staff of Bóthar Drilling Ltd, St. Mullins, faced a major task at the end of 2017: As subcontractors of McNicholas Construction, Elstree, they were to install two N...


09.01.2019 - With several large natural gas transmission pipeline projects underway, industry leading pipeline construction contractor Pumpco, Inc. from Giddings in Texas has been busy installing gas pipeline throughout the United States. The multi-facetted pipe ...


06.11.2018 - Official inauguration of the new logistics centre at the Lennestadt location
The construction of the new logistics centre at the headquarters in Lennestadt-Saalhausen is a milestone in the history of TRACTO-TECHNIK. On the one hand, the over 4...


26.10.2018 - Executing companies in the civil engineering sector are well aware that trenchless technologies can be used to install and renew different types of pipes in an environmentally friendly and economical manner The clients and planners, however, are not ...


25.10.2018 - In order to expand the application range of their NODIG systems and make using them even more profitable, TRACTO-TECHNIK is continuously advancing the technology. That way, numerous innovations trenchless pipeline construction have been developed for...


24.10.2018 - In the historic Takadoum district in the centre of the Moroccan capital Rabat, a heavily damaged old water pipeline was renewed without trenches under difficult conditions using the static pipe bursting method....


23.10.2018 - A large number of supply and disposal lines run underground, making the installation of new lines more and more difficult. So what shall be done if a subsequent property service connection to an existing supply line becomes necessary? Installation in...


22.10.2018 - Saarland is indeed by far the smallest state in the Federal Republic of Germany, but yet - or perhaps directly because of this - it is often one step ahead of the rest. It is present in the German media like no other state and is used to an unusual d...


19.07.2018 - HDD Sales Training and Open House Day in Brisbane
This week the first HDD sales training took place at our sister company TRACTO-TECHNIK Australia in Brisbane. Product Manager Manuel Pohl and Regional Marketing Manager Stefan Schmitz from TRAC...



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