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Business areas:
Pipe Bending Systems

TT Group Companies
Int. Sales Partners

If there is no TT representation in your country, please contact the TT headquarters at or phone +49 2723 808-0

Pipe installation

The term "Nodig-Systems" stands for innovative systems for he trenchless installation of new pipes and the replacement of existing pipes. (Specifications depending on soil type)

Property service connections for all branches
GRUNDOMAT N Soil displacement hammers

Models: with crowned or stepped head, short versions
Diameter: 45- 180 mm
Bore lengths: up to 15 m
Pipes: up to ND 160
Steel pipe crossings
GRUNDORAM Pipe rammers

Models: 13
Bore lengths: up to 80 m
Pipes: up to ND 4000
Property service connections for all branches
GRUNDOPIT Fluid-assisted mini drill rigs

Models: KS50, 6V; Manhole
Bore lengths: up to 50 m
Pipes: up to ND 160



Crossings, parallel bores

Models: 4X, 11XP, 15XP, 15XPT, 18N, 18ACS, 28Nplus
Bore lengths: up to 500 m
Pipes: up to ND 600
Crossings, precision bores, e. g. gradient pipes
GRUNDOBORE Auger boring systems

Models: 200, 400
Bore lengths: up to 50 m
Pipes: up to OD 406



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