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Pipe and cable plows

TRACTO-TECHNIK and Frank Foeckersperger GmbH have formed a ‘Trenchless Alliance' known as ‘Drill'n'Plow'

TT produces horizontal directional drilling (HDD) systems and Foeckersperger manufactures pipe and cable plows. Both systems complement each other's product range. HDD systems are preferably used below ground surfaces and under roads, waterways, railways, etc. whereas pipe and cable plows show their advantages in open, rural terrains. Thus, this technology alliance enables a complete trenchless installation. This partnership also offers customer friendly, attractive ‘packaged solutions'.

Both companies are well known for their innovative, efficient and high-quality machine technology as well as maximum flexibility regarding special customer requirements. These characteristics are essential for a reliable operating alliance, thus increasing the satisfaction rate for the customer and the service provided.

 More on Foeckersperger Pipe and Cable Plows on the Spiderplow homepage

The installation of a drinking water pipe from the mainland to the holm "Nordstrandischmoor" exemplifies pipe intallation through the mud-flats. Contractor Paasch had to accomplish an unusual job using a cable plow and an HDD system.

 Jobsite report: "Drill'n'Plow - Drinking water pipe for holm in the North sea"

Another example of the benefits of combined application of a cable plow and HDD system is for the installation of underground cables. The intention of this union is to boost the "share" of trenchless technologies significantly. A method that minimises detours when installing cables meaning the pay-back time or return on investment is improved considerably.

 Jobsite report "Over the Hohenlohe level with the cable plow"

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