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Through the keyhole to the property service connection

With the “keyhole bore technique“, gas, water, power and FTTH service connections are installed, leading from the main line in the road through the smallest possible round working pit (keyhole with Ø 65 cm) directly into the house or a small assembly pit in front of the house.

    • For gas, water, power and data lines
    • Directional drilling beneath roads, railway tracks and buildings
    • Besides undercrossings, linear bore holes parallel to roads, bodies of water and buildings are some of the conventional applications.

Minimal intervention - Maximum effect

  • Drilling from out of the smallest round work pit, keyhole Ø 65 cm
  • Directional drilling with continuous detection
  • Simple operation via control panel with colour display
  • No pits on private properties, the bore hole can be drilled directly into the basement
  • Minimum excavating works – the job cannot be done with less
  • Only very small work area required, minor affect on traffic
  • Eco-friendly and gentle installation method
  • Minimal drilling fluid requirements
  • No elaborate asphalting necessary for restoring the keyhole
  • All connection works are carried out from the surface
  • Bore lengths up to 50 m
  • Pipe diameter up to 90 mm


Creating the core bore with
core drill unit by
Removing the coreExtracting the keyhole
HDD drilling and pipe pulling
withGRUNDOPIT KS50 from
Installation work with Long
Handled Toolings (LHT) by

Basic equipment

  • Drilling out of the smallest possible working pits, "Keyhole" Ø 650 mm
  • Integrated machine control with fully automatic drilling operation (except steering movements)
  • Infinitely variable adjustment of the drilling parameters
  • Fully automatic rod handling
  • Closed round frame design
  • Clearly arranged colour display with icons
  • Rotary drive with hollow shaft
  • Torque-dependent thrust regulation
  • Integrated rod cleaning system
  • Integrated hydraulic bracing system

Performance data

Height; diameter [mm]Short version: H = 2,350; Ø = 590
Long version: H = 2,850; Ø = 590
Weight [kg]Short version: ca. 630
Long version: ca. 685
Content of rod box [m]25
Thrust and pulling force [kN]50
Max. torque[Nm]1,200
Max. spindle speed[U/min]60
Pilot bore Ø [mm]58
Drill rod Ø [mm]50
Effective rod length[mm]250
Rod weight [kg]2.4
Upsizing Ø [mm]110
Pipe OD depending on soil [mm]90
Drilling length depending on soil [m]50
Min. bore radius [m]50


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