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‘Mole technology’ is widely-used in the civil engineering. Its share compared to open trenching is ever increasing because the underground installation and renewal of supply and (disposal) pipes bears major technical and economical advantages.

These advantages are due to excavation and re-instatement work being almost omitted and the short construction times and show especially when producing property service connections and when crossing much frequented roads.
Trenchless installation protects the environment. That means: no surface disruption, no problems with inhabitants, minimal excavation, less construction machines plus avoidance of traffic jams, diversions and repair work, as well as low emission of noise, (CO2) and fine dust particles.


  • 7 powerful machine types
  • The slim design allows drilling with minimal clearance to buildings
  • High corrosion protection, e.g. due to fully galvanised rod boxes
  • The engine hood is made of weather-proof GRP
  • The electronics are shock- and vibration-proof
  • High quality manufacturing and certified supplier components (motors, pumps etc.)
  • Highly resilient, fail-safe and service reduced
  • High value stability
  • Wide range of applications 
  • Compatible with tensile load measuring unit with bore data log according to the latest standards
  • Additional safety: prototype testing by the trade organisation


Along with the fluid-assisted mini drill rigs GRUNDOPIT, seven further GRUNDODRILL models with the following basic configuration are available:
  • Drill rig with tracked undercarriage 
  • Stabiliser blades
  • Spacious ergonomic cabin, comfortable seat, 
  • Joysticks, LCD display
  • Fully galvanised rod box
  • Semi-automatic rod exchange system*
  • Semi-automatic clamp and break-away facility*
  • Anchoring system with drilling fluid collecting tray
  • High-capacity Bentonite HP on board pump
  • Bore data log according to the latest standards  - telemetry data transfer (remote diagnosis via modem)
  • Automatic bores to relieve the operator from routine functions, short drilling times, optimal and very gentle pull-back of the rods and output-regulated control of the drilling drive*
In addition, we can provide the large drilling technology from our partner PRIME DRILLING.



The cabin features a heater, air conditioning (optional), hinged window, windscreen wipers, heat-absorbing glass, flashing hazard warning light, two external headlamps, lockable cabin, anti-theft device, footboard and a radio with CD player.

Depending on model:

  • Spacious and pivotable cabin
  • Panoramic view
  • Ergonomically adjustable operator's seat
  • Multifunctional joystick control
  • Function control via LCD display
  • Quick- diagnostics
  • With telemetry transfer
  • Display and log of the drilling data
  • Display and log of the tensile load forces
LCD Display
Comfortable cabin
Multifunctional joystick control

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